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Email: Floyd Sinclair

Phone: 1 778 688-8443

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Alternatively use the form below. Please be sure to enter your email address correctly,  and remember to put the nature of the contact in the subject followed by more contextual information in the message box.

I wan to thank you in advance for the communication and please allowseveral days for a return message. I maybe be following inspiration in the studio.



Drop me an email!

There are multiple ways to begin a conversation, if your timing is right and you catch me on "opening night",  don't be shy, introduce yourself. If that doesn't work, this is a good start.

Other options would be for you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Insta-gram.  The best and easiest way to contact me, is right here don't forget to leave a clear subject and a concise short message.

If you are contacting me regarding commissioning me to do a painting or sculpture. Feel free to leave me a number and your contact info, I am booked for a few months but I am sure we can work something out that fits your timeframe.

Setting Expectations: I will try to respond within a couple of days, but you never know life happens or I am feeling inspired (locked myself in the studio). Let you heart guide you, if it feels too long (more than 3 business days), reach out again!  I am looking forward to hearing from you